Like A Bouy
  Like A Bouy  

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Who Does What in ‘Like A Buoy':

Chairman, Red Spider Company
ALAN PAYNE has been involved in the amateur theatre for 50 years and has appeared several times with Red Spider Company. Currently he is more involved behind the scenes, but intends to audition for one particular part in Like a Buoy . If successful, he has even offered to grow side-whiskers!
  Alan Payne  
Artistic Director of ‘Like A Buoy'
ANTHONY RICHARDS is a freelance theatre director and actor.  For 16 years he was Artistic Director of The Common Players of Exeter, a theatre company that has worked in many of Devon's rural communities.  As well as arranging professional productions, he has performed, directed and led numerous activities which encourage enthusiasts to make great theatre.
  Anthony Richards  
Music Director of ‘Like A Buoy'
ALAN BOXER is a freelance musical director, bassoonist, pianist, actor and educator. He is also currently headteacher of a large primary school in Taunton, which he is leaving in December to pursue a full time musical career. He has acted for the Northcott Community Theatre over the last few years, and is musically directing their production of 'Curse of the Werewolf' at the Minack theatre in Cornwall. He enjoys working in community musical theatre and loves a challenge!
  Alan Boxer  
Company Manager
has lived in Lewtrenchard for 16 years and has just decided to come out of hibernation! In the past she has been involved in local dramatics but more recently in musical theatre with her children and husband Larry (who has always been involved with the lighting)! Her claim to fame is that musical theatre seems to be run by has-been pop singers.
She is greatly looking forward to the R SC experience and treading behind the scenes again
  Frances Girling  

Author of ‘Like A Buoy'
RON WAWMAN reckons that picking up Alan Payne's challenge to write a community play about the squarson of Lew was a moment of madness and that he little thought where this might lead him; but with hobbies like amateur dramatics, singing, local history, delving into and writing about the life of Sabine Baring-Gould it was perhaps inevitable.

  Ron Wawman  

Secretary, ‘Like a Buoy' Project
has enjoyed retirement in Devon since 1997 - but beavers away on all sorts of committees including Red Spider! Jill's interests include singing, beekeeping, amateur dramatics, gardening and canals (Bude in particular). She first knew about Sabine Baring-Gould through his English Folk Songs - many of which can be read as the poetic history of the English countryside.

  Jill White  

Design and Wardrobe ‘Like A Buoy'
is a farmer's wife who has been part of Red Spider from its beginnings. Apart from performing she has been involved with designing and making costumes for the casts of nearly all the productions, sometimes for more than 60 people between the ages of 8 and 80! So here she goes again. Her biggest problem is finding homes for the costumes afterwards; Red Spider is thinking of building her a bigger attic!

  Toni Kemeny  

Secretary, Red Spider Company
sees herself as a country person concerned with keeping alive all that goes on in small villages. Thus Mary, a churchwarden at St. Peters, Lewtrenchard, is also active in the WI, local history, especially the First World War, the Lewdown over 55's club, Red Spider Company and the Baring-Gould Appreciation Society.

  Mary Rolfe  
Cost Controller
- seeming anxious in the picture but not anxious about the Project, Susanne is greatly looking forward to our venture.  'It will bring out hidden talents in everyone who takes part and should be an unforgettable experience for the whole of our community' .  She has directed and also appeared in many previous RSC productions . 
  Suzanne Clayton