Audience Comments :

"Many many congratulations on your brilliant 'Like a Buoy' production. We so enjoyed the show and just wish there was a replay button to press to see it all over again."

"I just wanted to say what an absolute triumph the play was and how hugely I enjoyed it. There were several parts I thought were utterly brilliant - The subtle treatment of Willy, the amazing use of 'Onward Christian Soldiers', which was very moving, the subtle narrative and a lot of the acting - all need great congratulations."

"Congratulations to all your team for the superb show - much enjoyed and it put several new slants on Sabine Baring-Gould. Hope the rest of the performances went well to full houses.

"It would be invidious to pick out one actor over another. The greatest praise must be that, to me, they were not actors, but real live people. To conclude, a wonderful and fascinating evening, made possible by the involvement of many enthusiastic helpers."

"Congratulations on writing such an excellent play. I thought it was very professionally staged. You have certainly given me a complete new insight to the background of the Baring-Gould family. I can now appreciate how absorbed you have become researching and transcribing Sabine's diaries to write such a brilliant, almost a loose biography of the family. I am so pleased that I managed to see your play performed as description would not do it justice. Thank you for such an enjoyable most interesting evening."

"I have not seen such a wonderful piece of drama for a very, very, very long time."

"Wonderful, brilliant, unbelievable.."

"would have paid three times the price for our seats -
a wonderful evening's entertainment."

"Mesmerising - absolutely mesmerising from start to finish".

"Not only did we have a wonderful evening - we also learned a very great deal about the life of Baring-Gould and about our area; things that I had never before appreciated".

"my wife hauls me out into the middle of nowhere, and somehow, they manage to put on the best piece of theatre that I have seen in many a long day - how did they do it, how on earth did they do it ? "

"Many congratulations to Ron Wawman, Anthony Richards, Alan Boxer and all those involved in the splendid production of 'LIke A Buoy'".

"The introduction of the two charming post girls was inspired".

"It was so enthralling that by the second act, I had forgotten how uncomfortable village hall seats are!"

"Quite apart from the entertainment value, we consider that this work has made a major contribution to scholarship about Sabine Baring-Gould and his life and works. It should be possible to produce in other circumstances. It should lend itself well to television production."

LIKE A BUOY – It was absolutely wonderful. Our congratulations on the production, the play itself, the casting, scenery and ambiance reflected on a well thought out presentation that thrilled a large audience. A real team effort worthy of being a hit! The man himself would have been delighted – it was great. When you do your next production make sure we know – we will be there, our local theatres, Strode, Bath and Bristol are good but this was magnificent. CONGRATULATIONS