Like A Bouy
  Like A Bouy  

Life with 'Like A Buoy'


Acting Workshop with Anthony Richards;
the ‘Like A Buoy' artistic director: Sunday 8th October

The ‘Like A Buoy' workshop in Sourton Village Hall on the 8th of October, focused on acting; Anthony Richards, our artistic director, lived up to the reputation he has with Red Spider Company as ‘the thinking actor's director,' by making sure we got to know each other and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the same time as he helped us to gain insights into what acting is all about. Just look at the pictures to see what you have been missing. Perhaps the highlight to the afternoon was the opportunity we were given to try ourselves out on two challenging scenes from the play – one showing passion and the other humour while both had undertones of a power struggle.


'Like A Buoy' Project - Workshop
'Like A Buoy' Workshop
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Joint Acting and Music Workshop with Anthony Richards and Alan Boxer, music director: Sunday 15th October

This workshop, in the Parish Hall, Bratton Clovelly on a chilly 15th of October, started appropriately enough with some warm up games, although, as always with Anthony, there was a teaching purpose behind everything we did. Alan then led us through some singing exercises, into a lively round with acting content and then into By Chance it Was, our first taste of a love song from the play.  We were delighted by the speed with which we got our heads round some quite difficult harmonies. Then Anthony taught us a trick that helped us not only remember the lines of this beautiful song but, wonder of wonders, to sing it to ourselves with real feeling. Then, as we gave lusty renditions of Pack Up Your Troubles and It's a Long Way To Tipperary, we were pleasantly reminded that, including as it does the first quarter of the 20 th century, the play has room for all sorts of ‘once upon a time' with-it songs. Finally Anthony and Alan had a private chat with everyone there to find out just what our aspirations for involvement in the play might be. Those who missed this rehearsal will have another chance for a tête à tête at the final workshop or whenever – no-one who wants to be involved will be excluded from this process.


Workshop for Singers and Instrumentalists with Alan Boxer, ‘Like A Buoy' music director: Sunday 22nd October

On Sunday 22 October, the Tamar Room of the Arundell Arms was the venue for the last in this series of acting and music workshops before we get down to casting and then move into the exciting business of using our skills to bring Sabine Baring-Gould to life. It was a select group of 23 singers and instrumentalists, led by Alan Boxer, our music director, that emphatically answered the rhetorical question “Why should we be dullards?” and finished the day, via ‘We're All Going on a Summer Holiday' and yet more versions of ‘The Grand Old Duke of York,' with a resounding rendition of “The Painful Plough” not only in harmony, but accompanied by our very own orchestra!