Like A Bouy
  Like A Bouy  



'Like A Buoy'
The Story of Sabine Baring Gould - The Man
A New Community Play

Staged at:
The Parish Hall, Bratton Clovelly, Devon
28-31 March 2007

"Now The Play Is Over.."

The present production of 'LIke A Buoy' is now over. The company played to packed houses on all four evenings and many were turned away. As the spontaneous comments below will confirm, it is no exaggeration to say that the production was a colossal success; members of the company also know that in addition to having had a great deal of fun they have the satisfaction  of a job well done. Our especial thanks for that must go to our two directors - Anthony Richards and Alan Boxer.

As always after a production there is a sense of emptiness but, have no fear, there is life after 'Like A Buoy.' This was the Spiders' third venture into Community Theatre and something tells me that at some point in the future the hunger to return to this genre will be again become too strong to resist. Right now plans are afoot in Red Spider Company for an autumn production. I believe the name 'Toad' was mentioned. Don't watch this space for news of Toad etc. Red Spider Company's parent website, www. has been inactive in recent months but soon it will once again update you with all that the Company will be doing in the coming months.

You can view some photos from the production by visiting the 'Post Production Photos' page.  Please Click Here to view a selection of spontaneuos comments from members of the audience.

Message from Frances Girling:
The Aftermath of Like a Buoy, thoughts of a stage manager..

'Like A Buoy' - DVD now available

At the Victory Hall, Lewdown on Monday 1st October, the Company and friends of the March production of ‘Like A Buoy' were privileged to be given a private viewing of a working copy of the DVD created by Dom Carnell and students of Okehampton College. Many of us had arrived in some trepidation at the thought of seeing ourselves on the big silver scene but we need not have worried. Despite this being a recording made at one live performance with no chance to go back for a second shot, the overall result was wonderful. The audience was so enthralled throughout the viewing that you could have heard a pin drop. We swayed and sang along with the very lively pub singers, laughed at the right moments, shed a tear or two at others, gasped at some stunning close ups and were gobsmacked by the quality of the beautiful solo songs. Congratulations, Dom.

Since the private viewing, the DVD has been re-mastered and is now awaiting the design and printing of a simple cover but this can be forwarded later to all who wish to purchase the DVD now as a Christmas stocking filler. It is a double disk package and is priced at £7.50 per set. Please contact Caroline Stuart on 01822 870111 should you wish to purchase a copy.

Cast and Offstage Roles

For details of the Cast and Offstage Appointments please click the appropriate link below:

1. Like A Buoy - CAST LIST


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